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Friday, February 12, 2010

എ ഡേ @ ബേകള്‍ ഫോര്‍ട്ട്‌

On the dazzling day of 14th January we the journalism students and faculties where went to Bekal Fort by 7.45am Coimbathoor Passenger train. We all are very exited about the trip becouse Bekal Fort is very famous in all over the world. After an hour we wii be there. We also become the part of the history and heritage of the Bekal Fort.
We reached Bekal Fort @ 10.15am. I took ticket and went to the nearest temple of Mukkyaprana. The temple is very famous for it's wall statues. The temple is also a part of Fort. When I entered to the Fort, abou 40 acers place was standing befor me to welcome us.I thought that the Tippu was captuered the fort with Ikkeri Nayak becouse of the structure and the beauty. The fort is surounded with more than 8 forts and in the fort there are more than 10 well.
Now a days the Government and tourism department with he collaberation of PWD garden is making inside of the fort and resort programes are also promoting. Me and my companions where took snaps videos. We also so the shark in the Arabian sea! It is so exaited to us.
After that we went to Pallikkare Beach, there we had our lunch and played with the sea shore. Some of my friends took horse ride and camal ride. Evening @ 6.15 we returned to Manglore by same train. We all are soo tierd, but we enjoed most.

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