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Friday, June 22, 2012

Its raining outside
My love is burning inside
I want to go outside
And want to feel the rain

But am tied myself
With all my sorrows
Is it am dreaming?
Is it am wandering?
Dono actually

But am not free
My love is not free
My love yearning
Yearning for freedom

My inner quest for love
Frustrated with situation
But unaware of rain
Still raining outside...

I reach-out my hand
To feel the rain
But the rain drops
Pour fire over to me

My love started to burn
My mind searing with pain
My quests, wanderings
Slashed forever

Is it am crying?
Is it am laughing?
Dono actually
Sure my love crying inside

Its raining outside
My love is burning inside
And i come out
But i cant feel the rain.

                                         Anupriya Trikkannad
                                           23rd  June, 2012

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