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Monday, July 9, 2012

Eat @ your own risk

Junk food is bad for health.  Its definition tells its inner story- food that is high on calories and saturated fat but low on nutritions. Junk food is all about pleasure and empty calories. So, the world is worried. It is now linked to the growing epidemic of non- communicable disease - the 'fat' problem. Every ailment from heart disease to hypertension and diabetes is linked to how one eats and how one exercises.

Junk food become the world's biggest health headache. And some governments are taking action- banning junk food advertisements in children's programmes, removing it from schools and even imposing a fat tax. Sugar, salt and fat are items that need to be regulated. This means governments have to step in to control the powerful processed food industry.
But this is not happening in India. it believes food industry has full privilege to sell anything - and kill people slowly and sweetly. So, the Pollution Monitoring Laboratory of the Center for Science and Environment, a  non- profit in Delhi, decided to investigate the food people love to eat- everything from chips to bhajji and instant noodles to burgers. All the food that is sold to us through persuasive and glamorous adments; all the food that our film & cricket stars tell us to eat. The laboratory checked for fats, crabs, salt & trans fats. The result are deadly and damning.
Eat @ your own risk, is the message.

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