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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ruining recipes to Refresh Taste Buds

Ever fancied having an Italian pizza with a Butter Chicken topping or an American Burger with a chutney base? confused? welcome to the world of "fusion food".
It is basically said to have started in the 70's by Wolfgang puck and went on to become a world wide movement. Fusion cuisine, a blend of European and Asian cuisines, has now become popular in some countries, which include India and China. It has gained both notoriety and good fame.

A typical English omlette was converted to have a stuffing of Onions, potatoes and sausages to make the Spanish Omlette! Remove the sausages, throw in a few chillies and coriander leaves and you would have made the Indian masala omlette! Try mixing some Japanese wasabi (an extremely spicy derivative of radish) along with Ceaser Salad to make a spicy yet tasty salad.
the most famous yet flawed form of fusion food in India is the "local" Chinese food! believe it or not but Chilly Chicken and Chicken Manchurian are not available in China. The founder of the Chicken Manchurian, Chef Nelson from Delhi, admits that he had rename the dish to Chicken Manchurian from Chicken Nelson as the old name did not sell much. No sooner did he changed the name to Chicken Manchurian than people developed a craving for it.
While some Chef consider fusion foods to be a playground to bring out their greative masterpieces, most think otherwise. They feel that thi fashion of fusing and experimenting have ruined original recipes.
Be it the Chilly Chicken lasagne or the Schezwan Masala dosa, I cane call myself a victim of fusion food and I belive that thay are a refreshing change from the otherwise monotonus normal cuisine.

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