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Monday, January 30, 2012

am so happy 2day....all credits goes to ma classmate cum ma friend Fr Sheen. he spoke what actually i want to spoke in front of the class for last few months....thanks ma dr friend.....for ur attemt.
 ya its very necessary that we the budding journalists should become more aware about our society as well as we should follow a othenticc and clear vision of our life.
as a representative of this genaration what we are doing for the socity??? atleast for our sake??? the answer may be 'nothing'. yes, thats the way we youngsters expecially budding journalists.
 most of the 'budding journalists' step their carear as journalist only because of expecting too much of exposure and fam....they very much influenced about the media exposure... actually they became 'media mania'. yeah, i would like to call them like that.

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